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Wedding Bliss In San Francisco
March 14, 2013

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, especially for planning a wedding or any celebration with friends. Its picturesque skyline, world famous landmarks and international culture make it an inviting destination for visiting or planning a residence. The only problem is that it’s also a very expensive place to be even for a day. You either need a very good paying job or some form of financing that takes your mind off how much it costs.

If you are wondering how to pay for a Bay Area wedding, San Francisco car title loans can help. The Golden Gate Bridge alone is an incredible historic structure surrounded by other scenic tourist attractions that everyone must see at some point.

There are many excellent wedding venues with gorgeous scenic backdrops. You can even get married on a boat in Sausalito, just north of the Bay. In San Francisco, some of the more elegant choices for having a wedding ceremony and reception include the San Francisco Zoo, Fort Mason Center or the Presidio Chapel of Our Lady.

Financing Your Bay Area Wedding

Although Bay Area weddings can get pretty expensive, you can relax about the costs if you pursue San Francisco auto title loans. The money you need can be in your hands immediately even if you have bad credit or no credit. That’s because car title loans do not have the same strict requirements of more common types of loans. The way it works is you borrow against your car title, which becomes your collateral, then once you pay off the loans you get your title back. You can keep driving your vehicle throughout the cycle of the loan.

The loan money will make it easy for you to pay for an officiant, wedding cake, DJ, caterer or perhaps an all in one package from a wedding planner. Since a wedding ceremony is the most memorable day in a couple’s life, it’s worth making it as special as possible.

You will also want at least a photographer and maybe even a videographer to document the event so that you can send pictures to your guests and post videos online. You will also need to pay for the printing of invitations. Even if the loan money only pays a fraction of the cost, it still makes things a lot easier.

Effective Use of San Francisco Auto Title Loans

The best way to make these unique loans work for you is to already have a plan and timeline for paying the loan back. In other words, do not just take the money, spend it, then wonder how you will repay it. Create a responsible payment plan mapped out before even approaching the lender.

Once you have a solid plan, find the lender who is most flexible at taking into account your financial framework. There are many such lenders in the Bay Area and across the country standing by willing to help.

You can actually help your credit score by using San Francisco auto title loans. What’s most amazing about these loans is that they are easy to get quickly, since no credit checks are involved at all. You can even apply online and receive the money within twenty-four hours. These loans can not only help pay for your wedding, but they can also be used for your honeymoon. San Francisco has many great hotels that overlook the Bay where you can see the Bay Bridge out one window and the Golden Gate Bridge out the other. It’s simply an amazing place to plant golden memories.