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Save Money on Your Manicures
November 1, 2012

What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself? Do you love going to the mall and buying yourself a fun outfit every so often? After you cash your check, is the first place you head the shoe store? Do you like to keep your hair looking its best, no matter what? Do you wish you could go to the spa for a massage every day? Or are you someone who loves nothing more than going to the nail salon, sitting in a comfortable chair, and getting a manicure? Manicures are a great way to enhance subtly enhance your appearance, unwind, and feel good about yourself. However, they’re also fairly expensive. If ┬áhaving great nails is something that you love, then here are some ways for you to keep your hands looking their prettiest while still being able to pay the bills.

First of all, winter is coming, and as much as you might love sitting with your feet soaking in a hot bath and picking out a fun color for your toes, you might want to skip on the pedicures until it’s sandal season again. You’ll save a ton of money, and after all, almost nobody is going to see your feet when it’s cold outside.

You can also save some money by finding a less expensive salon. While some salons have rates that are through the roof, if you look around, you can find a place that offers manicures for around ten dollars. You can also see if there are any beauty schools in your area where you can get a manicure from a trainee beautician for free or for a discounted price. These manicures are often just as good as the ones you can get from a fancy spa, and you can save some cash and help someone else realize their dream career!

You can also save some money by doing your own nails. You might love the spa experience, but if times are tight, you might have to give that up for a little while. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up gorgeous nails. You can buy discounted quality nail polish at most salons, along with the oils, emery boards, and primers that salons use. If you buy some and practice giving yourself great manicure, pretty soon, you’ll be surprised that you used to pay to have someone do it for you!

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