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San Francisco Car Title Loans Came To Our Rescue
April 10, 2013

My wife and I had been planning a road trip to California for over a year. The plan was to visit San Francisco, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Los Angeles and San Diego. The drive there went smoothly, and we had budgeted carefully enough. When we arrived in San Francisco though, everything went out the window. At first everything was going according to plan. We drove over the golden gate bridge, took a walk through china town, and visited Alcatraz. After a long walk on the pier, we had planned on driving to the hotel and calling it a day. Our plans were quickly derailed when my car wouldn’t start.

I tried everything I could think of. At first I thought it was the battery, but after a nice tried giving me a jump. I quickly realized it was not the case. I tried a few other tricks, but nothing was working out. After an hour of trying to get my car to start, I called a tow truck and took it to a mechanic.

The problem was costlier than I was expecting, and would cost us most of our travel budget to fix. I knew how much my wife was looking forward to Disneyland and the Hollywood walk of fame. I did not want to let her down. That is when the mechanic told me about title loans inĀ San Francisco.

Conveniently, San Francisco Car Title Loans was a few blocks away from the auto repair shop. The staff was very friendly, and sympathetic to our situation. They were great about walking us through the loan process, and working out details of repayment. After some paperwork we had our trip funds back, and it didn’t derail our trip any further.

Title Loans to the Rescue

With our car fixed and the money obtained from San Francisco Car Title Loans, we were back on the road. I am happy to say the rest of our trip went off without a hitch. We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Disneyland and Universal Studios to name a few. My wife really enjoyed visitingĀ Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Hollywood walk of fame.

We even bumped into Eric Roberts while we were out and about. The second half of the trip was way more memorable than the first, and we couldn’t have salvaged it without the help of San Francisco Car Title Loans.

We lucked out and had no trouble on the way back home. The whole way home we spoke about what a great time we had on our trip, mostly speaking of the experiences in the latter half of our trip. If we had to go back home after our mishap in San Francisco, those wonderful conversations wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to San Francisco Car Title Loans coming to our rescue, we have many great memories of our California adventure.