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Sad Day for The Dome
May 9, 2013

Wednesday morning a Pleasant Hill council decided that the CineArts Dome was to be torn down. The Dome as it’s known, was founded 46 years ago and on Tuesday evening, the Pleasant Hill City Council decided that the theater should be torn down in a 3-2 vote. Within just hours of the vote, demolition crews were outside of the theater ready to tear it down. The decision was passed despite many residents pleas to keep the landmark theater. The spot where the theater was will be replaced by a sporting goods store and again, many citizens were upset at the decision.

If you were a fond follower and patron of the Dome and will miss it, you’re not alone. However it’s never too late to make your own home theater. If you think your home is missing that one important detail or special addition, a home theater may just be it.

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