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Car Title Loans for a Cat Film Festival
May 2, 2013

It’s a common find that anyone with more than three or four cats tends to be considered a “crazy cat person.” While this may or may not be true, it’s become common that people own or house multiple cats, it doesn’t mean that they are a crazy cat person. If you are one of these people with multiple cats, then you might be familiar with the 1st Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival. The festival is sponsored by the East Bay SPCA and according to them the festival  “is more than just videos. It will include live music, art booths to make cat toys, costume contests and food.” They will also have cats up for adoption for anyone interested.

If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, it might be interesting to consider what your life might be like with a furry friend. If you’ve ever wanted a pet of your own but couldn’t afford one, there is a solution to help you get a companion of your own.

The “purrfect” solution is a car title loan in San Francisco. With a car title loan in San Francisco you are getting a safe and secure loan to spend however you choose. The loan has a low interest rate and offers you as much as 42 months to repay. With that kind of time you could raise a cat from a kitten!

Car Title

All you need is a clean car title and your drivers license and then fill out an application on the web or give them a call. Once you’ve applied you’ll work out the loan with one of many dedicated specialists who will work with you every step of the way to get the money you need in your pocket now. After all that money is in your pocket, you can spend it however you like and you even get to keep driving your car while paying off the loan!

Let’s be honest, how would you be able to earn more money if you can’t get to your job? Car title loans in San Francisco are a safe and reliable way for you to get money you need right now. Don’t hesitate, apply now!