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Car Title Loan Helped my get Break
April 1, 2013

Being a punk rock musician has its ups and downs, but it is what I love to do. I play guitar in a punk band, and we are starting to build quite the following in and around our hometown of San Francisco. One day we had a show coming up at the legendary 924 Gilman Street Club. This club has featured performances by many famous punk bands like Green Day and Operation Ivy. Rumor had it, there would be someone from Fat Wreck Chords (one of the largest independent punk labels) in the audience that night.

It was really important that we sounded better than ever for that gig, so my band practiced for hours every day leading up to the show. We practiced enough that our sound was became tighter, and more refined. Now that we sounded great, we were well on our way to playing the gig when the unthinkable happened days before the big show.

Now What?

My amp stopped working in the middle of practice one day. I took it to a repair guy, and he said there was a bad electrical short somewhere, and that it was fried beyond repair. My only option was to buy a whole new amp, and unfortunately I did not have that kind of money.

Title Loans

With the biggest show in my band’s career coming up, I needed to do act fast to get a replacement amp. That is when a friend of mine suggested I check out San Francisco Title Loans. The people at San Francisco, CA Car Title Loans were very friendly, and sympathetic to my situation. I filled out some paperwork, and in no time at all, I had cash in hand!

With that cash in hand, I went to a music store, and purchased a new amp that was far nicer than my old one. I brought it to the band’s practice space, and it sounded great. The next day we played the show at Gilman Street, and we brought the house down! My guitar playing was on point, and sounded crisper and cleaner than ever before thanks to my new amp.

Better yet, the rumors were very much true, and someone from Fat Wreck Chords was in the audience watching our performance. That night we played out hearts out, and they took notice. That performance changed our lives forever. Based on the strength of our performance that night, we were signed to a recording contract.

After that night, we went from an unknown local band, to being signed to a major independent label. If it wasn’t for San Francisco, CA Car Title Loans, none of this would have happened. Now we are in the studio, hard at work on our debut album. If someone is in need of money, I would gladly send them to San Francisco, CA Car Title Loans for some emergency funds. They helped make my dreams come true, and they can do the same for you.