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A Great Graduation and Gift
March 8, 2013

Ed and Mary knew high school graduation was coming up for their only child, Thomas. Both of them did not even have a high school diploma and both had decent but pretty low paying jobs. They knew that is was essential for them to give Thomas a great party and a nice graduation gift. With less than a thousand dollars saved for the occasion both knew the prospect of a great graduation for Thomas was slim, very slim.

Thomas realized this also. He knew that his parents would do the best they could with what they had to make his high school graduation the best it could be. Thomas had resigned himself to the fact that his graduation just be might a little lean.

The Issue

Adding to the misery for Ed and Mary was in the middle of his senior year Thomas had been accepted into a great music school. Thomas was a great guitar player and had been given a scholarship to a nice college.

The guitar Thomas played was an old Epiphone that had been given to him by a music teacher. It was not in good shape but Thomas had made the most of the instrument and his talents. Thomas would need a better instrument for college.

Ed dearly wanted to give his only child, and son, a great graduation, including a gift and a party. He tried to work overtime but the money was coming too slowly. One day at work one of his co-workers was talking with Ed and found out why Ed was trying to work so much. The co-worker asked Ed to come to the window and pointed to Ed’s vehicle. He told Ed that might be the answer to Ed and Mary’s prayers. The co-worker explained about a car title loan in San Francisco. Ed was intrigued and rushed home that afternoon to tell Mary.

The Solution

Ed had always kept a nice, clean and fairly new car. He understood transportation was so very important to his family. Ed took the bus to work so his vehicles always had low mileage and were worth a lot.

When Ed got home he excitedly ran to Mary and told her about the car title loan in San Francisco. Mary called her sister to come over and help. They got online and filled out the application. Ed and Mary were able to get their money the next day. It was a quick and painless process.

When graduation day came Thomas was beyond words. His parents had rented the church hall to have a party for his many family and friends. Thomas was also presented with an Eric Clapton-model Martin guitar for his studies. It was truly a great day for Thomas and a very proud and happy day for his parents.

A car title loan in San Francisco saved the day for Ed and Mary. The loan required no credit check since their car was used for collateral. The family was able to use the car while the loan was repaid. The entire loan application process took about an hour and Ed and Mary had their money the next day, within 24-hours. Ed plans to pay off the loan early with his overtime and there will be no penalty for doing so. The payback terms were flexible also.

A car title loan in San Francisco was a godsend for Ed and Mary. It allowed them to get money quickly without the hassle of dealing with a traditional bank. If it works for Ed and Mary it can work for you too!!