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Stop waiting around for a traditional loan that will get you your money fast, and get a car title loan. With Premium Loans there are no credit checks and no waiting time. Right after you apply, we give you a free quote, then we give you a call telling you more about what a car title loan is. You are not obligated to get the title loan, we just want to explain it more to you. If you decide to get the loan, we send you to one of our car title loan locations in San Francisco and thats it!

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Use your vehicle to the fullest extent. Utilize the title of your car to get a loan from us. The process is actually quite easy. To start, see how much you can get on your personal loan by completing the online application on the left. Many of our applicants qualify for more than they thought!

Quick Cash Even With Bad Credit

Since only your car’s pink slip is used as collateral, we are able to approve you without a credit check. Even if you have bad credit or no credit at all, you can still take advantage of our amazing loans. It is hard to deal with a low credit score sometimes, especially when you are trying to get a loan from other lenders. We offer a convenient alternative for getting quick cash.

Many people choose title loans simply because they can get money quickly without having to worry about a credit check. Since there is no credit check and approval is based on vehicle value, the money gets to you quickly! Complete the online title loan application for a free and accurate pre-approved quote. We are dedicated to get you the money you need.

No More Waiting, Get FAST Cash TODAY!

A car title loan can be your best option when looking for short term financing. It is a quick and easy way to get approved for the money you need since you are using the title to your vehicle as collateral. Your vehicle becomes an immediate asset that allows you to borrow money. No more waiting around for a bank to run a hundred credit checks or determine the value of your home in order for you to only be considered for a loan. No more risky payday loans with enormous fees and interest rates. Get an affordable interest rate on an auto title loan today when you choose to finance with us! It only takes a few simple steps:

  • Apply online from your home computer
  • Get free pre-approval estimate
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Finalize loan with a customer service representative
  • Get your cash the next day!

Our business is designed to assist you with short-term financial solutions. In case you forgot, you do get to keep your car, even if you take a loan from us. Paying off an unexpected expense is now within reach. So don't wait! Call us or apply online now and you can be holding your cash in hand within just hours! We provide a safe and easy way to put cash in your hands.

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  • Up to 44 months to pay off
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